SPIRU-TEIN is a Healthy Heart Food
A rigorous evaluation by the U.S government has validated what many have known for years: cardiovascular fitness - soy protein (25g daily), combined with a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may help reduce the risk of heart disease. Each serving of SPIRU-TEIN provides 6.25 grams of soy protein.

SPIRU-TEIN's Core is Protein
Always Non-GMO, as Nature intended. Nature's Plus proudly uses only non-GMO vegetarian protein. We utilize the most advanced scientific methodology to analyze our products and conform to all European Union standards for genetic Identity Preservation.

Full Spectrum Protein
A unique blend of rice, pea, and soy protein from both fermented and non-fermented soy, supplying all the essential amino acids the body needs to sustain optimal health.
Gold Standard Protein
A soy-free blend of vegetarian proteins, includes sprouted brown rice, pea, chia and flax, for optimal digestibility and complete nutrition.
Enjoy a Gluten-Free Lifestyle!
Everyone can reap the gluten-free benefits of life-enhancing nutrition with delicious SPIRU-TEIN. There are more than 20 flavors available!

STEP UP TO THE GOLD! Experience new heights of sumptuous flavor satisfaction, boundless energy and extraordinary vitality! SPIRU-TEIN GOLD is the most complete soy-free, sugar-free, high-protein energy meal! SPIRU-TEIN GOLD expands the variety of vegetarian proteins to include sprouted brown rice, pea, chia and flax sources for optimal digestibility and complete nutrition. Sweetened with natural xylitol to benefit low-glycemic dieters, SPIRU-TEIN GOLD offers tantalizingly delicious flavors. SPIRU-TEIN GOLD packs even more healthful nutrients and supplies even higher levels of natural energy than ever before! Learn More
SPIRU-TEIN Whey is packed with the same high-powered profile of vitamins, minerals, diet aids, enzymes, spirulina and fiber as classic SPIRU-TEIN, yielding great-tasting, energy-enhancing shakes that support total health and vitality. Fueled with 14 grams of high-energy, concentrated whey protein, SPIRU-TEIN Whey gives you energy to burn. For individuals who want or need to limit carbohydrates in their diet, SPIRU-TEIN Whey is also available sweetened for low-glycemic diets. From the first silky, creamy sip, you realize that Sweetened for Low-Glycemin Diets SPIRU-TEIN® Whey is no ordinary protein shake! Learn More
A pure, unsweetened version of SPIRU-TEIN that puts you in control and opens the door to a world of infinite variety and limitless taste excitement! SIMPLY NATURAL SPIRU-TEIN brings the rich, creamy flavor satisfaction and healthful benefits of SPIRU-TEIN to individuals who are monitoring their carbohydrate intake. Let your imagination be your guide as you create Simply Natural shakes personalized to your own unique diet. Add your favorite flavors, ingredients and sweeteners to SPIRU-TEIN Simply Natural's protein base to make a creative, luscious new shake sensation! Learn More
It has recently been discovered that athletes can achieve greater success by adhering to a diet with a 40-30-30 ratio of carbs to lipid to protein. By supplying the body with the nutritional fuel and building blocks it needs for maximum energy, strength and recovery, athletes can experience even greater results. Dieters, workers in mid- to high-stress jobs and those who depend on strength and energy to achieve success can reap the benefits of SPIRU-TEIN Sport. This shake delivers a healthy infusion of plant-based protein, as well as essential vitamins and minerals that athletes and active adults depend on every day. Learn More